Certified Life Coach - Mid Life Crisis Women Coach - Life Coaching - Maui Yoga Instructor

Hi I'm Bre

My journey has been fun, hard, loving, raw, heartbreaking and beautiful, My path has been fraught with mistakes and do overs.

I spent my whole life trying to understand what IT was all about and what my purpose was.


My Story Continues

I had a thriving career as a news anchor, a wonderful husband and two beautiful children and still deep down inside I wasn’t happy. I was missing something fundamental, basic and important. I was missing me. I mistakenly thought the hats I wore and the achievements I gained was who I was. I ended up sabotaging it all.

Since then, in an attempt to understand what happened, I read every self help book I could get my hands on. Took tons of classes, went to counseling, studied ancient teachings, as well as new thought. I learned directly from many of todays spiritual leaders. I studied shadow work and yoga, energy work and sound therapy.

My quest for understanding led me deep into the jungles of Mexico, where I experienced a life changing Ayuwasca journey. Ayuwasca is ancient plant medicine. It greatly influenced me and my work. I came to understand that self love is vital if we want to live our life’s purpose.

I learned trees, plants and herbs are powerful conduits of healing— and started incorporating them in my healing work.

Besides helping clients create a vision for their life with concrete actions so they can manifest it. I now teach people how to see themselves as they really are—Light, living inside a vehicle called a body. Or in other words, a spirit made flesh. I help them let go of anything that does not vibrate with their higher frequencies.

As life unfolds, I continue to practice my own breathing, releasing and allowing. My life has become my message. I am living my dream and purpose in Maui, Hawaii. I walk the beach everyday, eat fruit and vegetables from the rich fertile ground and share it with my spiritual partner whom I adore. I get to work with amazing spirits who are committed to remembering WHO they are and HOW they want to shine their lights!


My husband and I have a beautiful blended family with six adult children who are a constant source of inspiration!


Come join us on the path to your wholeness.



My Certifications


  • Bachelor of Science degree

  • Professional Certified Integrative Life Coach-Ford Institute JFK University

  • certified reiki practitioner

  • 500 RYT Advanced Yoga Alliance 

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

  • certified yoga nidra amrit method