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Life Coaching



If you are here reading these words, you are being called to live a more authentic life. You are being called to step into your light!

You do that by listening to the small voice inside.


I will help you tune into the wisdom of your body, and your highest self. I will reflect deep listening. Listening to what you are saying, as well as what you are not saying.

Together we will create customized actions based on your deepest intuitive guidance, so you live an authentic, inspiring life.

We will do internal exercises that help you release the past, by dismantling physical, emotional and energetic blocks.


I work with women and men who are ready to question authority, are brave enough to call it like it is and are committed to loving themselves, no matter what they look like, who they are married to... or not, and what their past is.

They are smart, self directed and committed to living their fullest potential.

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Services + Offerings


1:1 Sacred Plant Medicine Life Coaching

Coaching is about commitment and a willingness to change so you free yourself to shine! Plant Medicine aides in your ability to hear your deepest truth. We meet in person, over the phone or through FaceTime or Skype. You decide what feels best to you. Every session is confidential.


Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

For ‘in person’ visits, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing can raise your vibration and further lighten subtle energetic patterns. These baths will leave you feeling restored and rested. Vibrations flow through every cell of your body, recalibrating and restoring! Sound is a blissful healing modality you can incorporate into your session or as a stand alone option.


When you uncover the true you, you will be able to:

  • Deeply love yourself

  • Heal old wounds

  • Set clear boundaries every time

  • Stop apologizing for who you are

  • Transcend your fears and limitations

  • Learn how to breathe to manage anxiety and other negative emotions

  • Create practices that keep you honoring your truth

  • Feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin

  • Release control and allow others to be themselves

  • Have deeper more loving relationships

  • Find purpose

  • Shine

  • Step into your divine grace


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Life Coaching + Sound Bath Details


SINGLE coaching SESSION - $60

5 SESSION coaching PACKAGE - $275

10 SESSION coaching PACKAGE - $495




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