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Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga, Beach Yoga


Work 1:1 with Bre in private or in group classes doing simple yet profound poses that melt muscle tension and bring greater circulation to connective tissues and joints—This helps release long held physical and emotional patterns, leaving you centered, peaceful and open.

Release trauma, judgements, body shame and stress. Come to a deep place of respect and love for your body regardless of how heavy, thin, healthy or unhealthy you may be right now.

Breath work is used to help move you from living in your head to living back in your body where your deepest intelligence lies.

Class ends with a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath which nourishes, cleans and clears, leaving you lighter and deeply relaxed.

Lose the armor. Open and love who you truly are.


Come Get Your Flow On

Private or group Beach Yoga is available upon request
please call 808-344-4788 to schedule!


Events and Weekly Yoga Class Schedule


Tuesday Wailea at 4 pm
| Wailea Healing Center
Sacred Plant Medicine Yoga with Healing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Sunday Makena little beach at 1 pm | little Beach
pachamama beach yoga connecting to mother maui

Friday July 19th Haiku at 6:30 pm
| Temple of Peace
sacred pLant Medicine yoga, toning and healing crystal bowl sound bath

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PachaMama Beach Yoga

One of a kind unique experience to reconnect to Mother Earth using Sacred Plant Medicine! Be prepared to get sand in your nails and if your lucky even your hair! The smell of salt in the air, the grounding support of sand for our body and the soothing caress of soft waves as we sit by the waters edge doing long held restorative poses. We use the senses, along with Cannabis to “come back to our senses”. This will be an unforgettable yoga experience that will get you in touch with not only yourself, but Mother Earth.
This journey is offered to everyone for a love donation. Text to schedule your place on the sand!


PachaMama Beach Yoga Offered By Request at 1 pm on Sundays at Little Beach in Makena. We meet Cliffside on Little Beach.
Please text 808-344-4788 to reserve your beautiful time in the sun!