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Graceful Healing



Your time has come to shine. You are being called.

Answer by courageously turning in towards you! Explore the quiet stirrings of your heart. Give yourself the space of time alone and really listen to what you are saying to yourself. The deepest part of you has been yearning and waiting to share your highest life. So shed the blocks and baggage, go forth, open doors with your love, with your faith, with your compassion and with your grace.  


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Midlife crisis women - get help with midlife crisis coaching - coaching for women and men

Life Coaching

Powerful 1:1 coaching to dismantle blocks that have kept you playing small. A personalized plan of action that helps unveil your deepest purpose and reclaim your brilliance so you live an authentic, empowered life doing what you came here to do.



1:1 Private or Group Classes

Simple yet profound yoga poses and breath work designed to break up stuck, physical energy and emotional patterns. This frees you to joyfully move forward physically and emotionally.