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Sacred Plant Medicine



Breaking down what Sacred Plant Medicine is and how it can benefit you.

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Cannabis is “Sacred Plant Medicine”. It offers a remarkable potential for spiritual healing and awakening. I utilize sacred plant medicine in my yoga and coaching. I guide you on how to use it to enhance your ability to hear your highest self and to help you lighten up. Note: I don’t supply marijuana, each person legally must supply their own.

Here’s how a typical session works.


#1. We create an intention, then sage ourselves (washing the world off) and we make sure the setting is conducive to helping you go deep inside.

#2. We both partake in the plant medicine (cannabis), a MMJ card is required in Hawaii, and then I guide you in various internal exercises and help you hear the still small voice inside. Cannabis is a non-specific amplifier. It helps you drop the armor of ego and allows you to get in touch with the creative answers and wisdom that lies inside.

#3. When I offer plant medicine in a yoga session, I observe the same practice of saging, setting an intention and making sure we have a safe space to drop the armor off our body.

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Psychedelic Therapies and Feminism

I also promote safe, legal natural psychedelics such as ayahuasca, psilocybin and cannabis as evolutionary allies and educate about responsible psychedelic journeying from a women’s empowerment perspective. Psychedelic Feminism—a sub-genre of feminism that embraces the power of natural psychedelics for healing, transformation and mind/body/spirit exploration into altered states of consciousness—encouraging women to explore the wilderness within, where they can learn more deeply about themselves, in part to explore core feminist issues in fresh and exciting ways, that transcend into greater healing for the whole web of humanity and Mother Earth.


“When women support women, our power to create positive change rises in the collective consciousness. When more men choose to be allies, and that is demonstrated through actions, then hope doesn’t feel like wishful thinking. We can foster women’s voices until a true balance emerges, and only then will the psychedelic journey be fully reflected in our community.”

- Zoe Helene @CosmicSister